Why are we doing this?
We both enjoy learning new ideas and challenging old ones. We probably can’t think of a better way to become better men of God than by telling each other their beliefs suck. Harsh?
Really though; finding the best idea (whether on theology or manhood)¬†is best done with others. We think we have something to add to the community of podcast listeners that hopefully we will challenge your¬†thinking and entertain you in the process. Life is quite the crazy journey. We are all wrong somewhere, so we better enjoy it…being wrong that is. Because you probably are…and we will roast you for it.

Oh yeah, and we really like coffee. Send us some. We will roast it (the beans), then roast it (critique).

Work: Salesforce Developer at Superior Industries, Associate at Morris Community Church
Family: Wife, 3 girls
Fun: Yankee fan, reading about why my theology is bad, woodworking, Arduino/Raspberry Pi’s, and Mocking Others

Work: Henchman at Prairie Community Services
Family: Wife, 3 boys and 1 girl
Fun: Smoking bad cigars, writing novels on old typewriters, and getting new Android phones.