In starting out podcast, we knew if we had guests, we would need to find a simple (and hopefully free) solution to recording our guests that were not in studio. I’ve seen many use Skype with recording apps.  I stumbled on Google Hangouts Air a little while ago and planned on using that. Hangouts Air records a Hangout for you and saves it to your YouTube account. I would then plan on downloading the video, and ripping the audio into the podcast.


Plans needs to change. Google announced that Hangouts On Air is being replaced by YouTube Live. YouTube Live isn’t a hangout; it is a one way stream event. Not good for podcast interviews.

Cue UberConference

UberConference is a free conference service where you can:

  1. Link you Google Account
  2. Link a Conference Number to a Google Hangout (not Hangout On Air…normal Google Hangout)
  3. Record the Audio of the Hangout!
  4. Did I mention for Free?

It’s really simple to set up.

First, jump over to and sign up for free. To make it really easy, Log in with your Google Account.

After signing in, they will bring you to your unique URL Conference Page. From there, click on UberConference drop down in upper left and choose ‘Features’
UC - Features

Next, scroll down to find the Hangouts Feature
UC - Feature Hangouts

Scroll down to the Get Started Button – This will auto create a Hangout for you and connect the UberConference App. The Conference App links a Conference Number to the Hangout and all audio going through the Hangout, goes through that number and has the ability to be recorded.
UC - Hangouts Get Started

Once you allow all the UberConference permissions, you should be able to get the Hangout Started with the Conference App running on the Right Side. If you look on the bottom of the app on the right side, you will see a record button. Click that, and you will begin recording the audio of the Hangout. Note: you can go to your settings in your UberConference account and set up automatic recording of all conferences.
UC - In Hangout

To grab your recorded Hangouts – go to your Account and choose Conferences, then Past Conferences. Pick your latest conference, and you can then play the recording or download the mp3.

UC - Conferences

UC - Past Conferences

UC - Pick Old Conference

UC - Download

And that’s it! You can now record your podcast interview for Free using any platform (PC or Mac) leveraging Google Hangouts and UberConference

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